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The Tejani Brothers - 'Every Step' (Official Video

'Every Step' From The Tejani Brothers album, 'Legacy' Muharram 1437 / 2015 "A track describing the final conversation on the day of Ashura in the year 61AH between Imam Al Hussain (as) and his beloved sister, Lady Zainab (sa)" Written and Performed by: The Tejani Brothers Sound Engineer: Ahmed Sherrif (Pure Vocal Studio) Directed and Edited by: Al-Hoseine Media Creative execution: ImamHussein3TV Available from iTunes: For further updates: www.tejanibrothers.com FB.com/tejanibros Twitter: @TejaniBrothers A special thank you to everyone who has contributed to the production of this eulogy & video. Dedicated to our eternal love, Imam Hussain (as). This poem was written in Karbala and was the result of spiritual dreams as well as inspiration that we cannot humanly explain. This poem may have been penned by mortals but we truly believe that these are the words of Lady Zainab (sa)